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So what can I tell you about myself? Let’s start with the most important fact - I’m losing my hair (sob).

Apart from that, I’ve been a writer for more than 25 years and my stories have appeared in magazines, anthologies and books on both sides of the Atlantic and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4. I’m an after dinner speaker and short story competition judge.

When I’m not writing you’ll find me:

GUZZLING CHOCOLATE  I’m a Glaswegian so a sweet tooth  goes with the territory. But, no I don’t have it deep fried!

ENJOYING A DRINK  Following on the sweet tooth theme, I adore funky liqueurs and especially love flavoured vodka shots.

MESSING ABOUT ON BOATS  Narrow boats, to be precise. You can’t keep me off the UK canal system - although many have tried.

EXPLORING CASTLES  I’m fascinated by history. Ruins, historic graveyards, stately homes, forts, battlefields - I can’t get enough of them.

Other loves: baking, Chinese food, trance music, the sublime comedy of Terry Pratchett, DIY, my long suffering wife Liz, the vibrant city of Birmingham, board games (well there’s not much else to do on boats in the evenings), watching snooker - when Ronnie O’Sullivan is playing - and going to the theatre, all sorts of shows and plays.